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INCREASE RETENTION AND CSI by communicating more effectively with every customer!

We are, simply put, the industry’s best outsourced Sales and Service BDC call center. We are capable of eliminating the hassles of in-house BDC’s while increasing revenue and customer satisfaction.

DealerFocus™ also offers hardware and software solutions that record every call in and out of your dealership. We also offer grading of every call and integration with your CRM system.

What DealerFocus™ Does

Using the latest in technology, we transfer incoming sales and/or service calls from your dealership automatically to the DealerFocus’™ call center. Our call center professionals answer the phone as if the call is being answered at your dealership, and we schedule all your sales and service appointments.

We also make outgoing Sales and Service calls including CSI calls, recall appointment calls, declined service appointment calls, lease retention, equity calls and lost soul appointment calls – all resulting in additional revenue.

Working With DealerFocus™

When you work with the experienced DealerFocus™ team, you can expect results that are quantifiable and drive additional revenue to your bottom line.

  • Communications with your customers are streamlined.
  • Record every sales and service call.
  • Customers experience shorter hold times.
  • Customers experience a higher quality of service.
  • Your CSI ratings improve dramatically.
  • You have more face to face ‘sales’ time with each customer.

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