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Generate additional revenue and increase customer satisfaction with our industry-leading BDC software platform and highly-trained Contact Center Specialists.

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Outsourced Service-BDC Solution

Outsourced Service-BDC Solution

Let our Contact Center Specialists take all your service-related calls. Our team is the best in the business, running on the industry’s strongest BDC-specific  software platform. We answer the calls and YOU monitor the results. Maximize profits and minimize personnel.

Blended Service BDC Solution

Our BDC Platform allows for multiple teams to manage your call load. Combine your in-house team managing the full call load, and the Dealer Focus team taking only those calls they cannot.

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Blended Service BDC Solution
Full Software Process For In-house Service BDCs.

Full Software Process For In-house Service BDCs.

We provide the software — you provide the manpower. Streamline your Service BDC process with software designed to maximize profits and minimize personnel.

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Outbound BDC

Complete Outbound BDC option for dealers who need a consistent process for leads and phone calls. Boost your CSI & SSI results with ease.

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Outbound BDC

Our Turnkey Virtual BDC is a Game Changer.


Deep view of every point of contact with your dealership's customers.

Call Specialist Training

Call recording and custom scripting allows for individualized Contact Center Specialist training.

Cloud Based

Access the cloud-based platform from anywhere and any machine. No special hardware needed.

Hire The Best

With provided efficiency data you will ensure your staffing model is working (or know if it is not)