CRM BDC Services

We’re keenly aware of the “real dealership environment” challenges.

Phones are usually ringing off the hook while customers are dropping off or picking up their vehicles. Quality control of Service Writers on the phone is a challenge, especially when they are multitasking with clients in front of them.

  • By our answering your incoming service calls, your team can focus on the clients at hand, thus increasing revenue and CSI.
  • When we schedule service appointments, we maintain a level of professionalism that is unsurpassed in the industry.
  • Outsourcing service appointment scheduling to DealerFocus increases your appointments on average 8-12% — easily paying for your monthly investment while driving more dollars to your bottom line and increasing CSI.
  • We enter appointments directly into your scheduling system, thus into your DMS, delivering more happy customers with  no effort from dealerships personnel.
  • We continually review customer information; email addresses, phone numbers, etc., keeping your records up-to-date.
  • Our detailed monthly reports provide performance transparency showing the results of all our efforts.
Call Center

We offer an array of services to increase your revenue and CSI.

Service Department

  • Inbound Service Scheduling Calls
  • Outbound Service Scheduling Calls based on Maintenance Schedule
  • Outbound Appointment Confirmation Calls
  • Outbound CSI Calls
  • Outbound Missed Service Appointment Calls
  • Outbound End of Warranty Calls
  • Outbound Lost Soul Service Calls
  • Outbound Declined Services Calls
  • Emergency Alert Calls (Severe Weather, etc.)

Sales Department

  • 30 Days – Set First-service Appointment Calls
  • Happy Birthday Calls
  • Happy Anniversary Calls
  • Emergency Alert Calls (Severe Weather, etc.)
DealerFocus – Increasing Profits, One Call at a Time!