Virtual BDC

We provide the software — You provide the manpower

  • You guarantee the quality of your service appointment reception and communications
  • Your service team now has more time to dedicate to customers in front of them — increasing customer pay RO amounts and CSI
  • Your customers experience shorter hold times and better service
  • Your CSI ratings improve for both phone appointments and live customer care
  • Your internal phone call flow is streamlined
  • You capture missed leads. Make more sales
  • You can hire anyone, from anywhere
  • Save Dealership resources; office space, equipment and utilities costs, minimize employee distraction
  • Know who your top performers are and where improvement or change is needed


Virtual/Remote Support

Blended Call Distribution

Contact Center Specialist Skill/Queue Customization

Call Recording & Retention

Internal Quality Assurance, Reporting & Analytics

Campaign Management

Workforce Management

Quality Customer Service

Agent Resources

Customer Data

Communication Integration


Dealer Focus – Increasing Profits, One Call at a Time!