Outbound BDC

Outbound-BDC Expertise.

Far more than just a Service Lane solution, we are an outbound campaign process optimization and modern communication service company for automotive. Our people and technology achieve high engagement rates enabling our ability to deliver more opportunities for our clients.

Our approach is personal, not robotic and our human-touch communication assists prospects through the process.  In addition, we built technology to power efficiency and provide data insights for our dealers to use in determining true value from their digital marketing vendors.

Some dealers know the time, money, stress and human resources challenges that come with running BDCs. We do too. In fact, our Founders have more personal experience building successful BDC’s than just about anyone in the car business.  Is your dealership in need of a championship lead-handling BDC that you can count on? We’re ALWAYS ready to take on new dealers who are ready for a professional solution driven by technology and highly trained lead handling experts. Hire Dealer Focus today and sell more cars tomorrow..

More Appointments = More sales

Our Outbound BDC service will immediately increase efficiency and productivity in your BDC (Internet sales department). Our team will respond personally to 100% of your inbound and campaign leads personally. This allows your inbound BDC and Service Agents more time to do what they do best — supporting customers and scheduling appointments. We personalize every response based on lead information and deliver multiple VIN-specific options to the consumer.  We utilize teams run by real people, not bots or automation to help your dealership stay focused on closing deals.